Season’s Feedings 2020

Did someone order mistletoe, pies and cornucopias? Chef Yohn has been busy in his own kitchen as well as the Zoo’s Diet Kitchen in preparation for Thanksgiving this week! At home, like most of us, he will likely be enjoying turkey, potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and yummy pies. At the Zoo, the animals’ meals are a little different for this holiday, but nevertheless, Chef Yohn crafted the perfect meal for every animal at the Zoo, including some of the residents at the Program Animal Building.

The first creation was a butternut squash “wishbone” for Zoo Keeper Tara and rabbit Max to split. Max ended up with the short end, but Zoo Keeper Tara made her wish and Max set off to enjoy the entire wishbone produce snack.

Yellow squash cornucopias were filled with pumpkin-apple baby food, insectivore grain and topped with fresh mealworms and a squeeze of honey. These treats were offered to Vigo, Izel and Molly the three-banded armadillos and screaming-hairy armadillos Dora and Olivia.

Tia the toucan enjoyed some grape and lettuce mistletoe with Zoo Keeper Katie and macaws Big Red and Billie Jean messily-feasted on a personal pie of their own, which was also made with baby food and a special pellet grain. Zeke the parrot had a little taste of his own pie, but wasn’t a fan. Peep his pie-covered beak in the video below.

Prehensile-tailed porcupine Dimitri wasn’t fond of the pie either, but opted for some corn on the cob instead!

Louie the degu enjoyed his personal pie and didn’t hesitate to gobble it right up!

Tenrecs Quillma, Quilly Wonka and Bruce Quillis were offered some pie, but seemed more interested in sniffing the mealworms and watching the bugs crawl away. To each his (or her) own.

Watch the meals in progress: