Red Panda Donations

The Virginia Zoo is launching a Conservation Fund Drive for Red Pandas. In celebration of this new program, the Virginia Zoological Society will match any donation made by you, Zoo members and friends, by January 31, 2017, to the Virginia Zoo Red Panda Conservation Fund.

Red pandas are an ambassador for clean air and water for approximately 500 million people. They are the only species of its kind in the world, as they have no close living relatives. The Red Panda Network preserves their habitats through community-based research and education, thus benefiting the livelihoods of the locals and saving this incredibly cute species.

With your help, we can reach our goal of $10,000 and double the amount of support we are able to provide to protecting Red Pandas in the wild. 100% of the funds for this campaign will go to the Red Panda Network to protect this playful species that do not live in the protected parks of Nepal. Together we all can help save our endangered little friends in Nepal.

Can we count on you to support the survival of Red Pandas in the wild? We simply cannot do this without you. Plus, your help is instantly doubled to secure a safe future for red pandas.

In the New Year, we will report the donations collected and send the funds to the Red Panda Network. Additionally, look for updates of the Red Panda Network progress and success stories