Palm Oil

To make a difference for orangutans, we need to raise awareness about the palm oil crisis.

Viewed by many as a good alternative to trans-fats, palm oil is found in candy, cookies, baked goods, shampoo, cosmetics, pet foods and even cleaning products. Palm oil trees are an introduced agricultural crop, primarily grown in Borneo and Sumatra. When palm oil is produced at certified sustainable plantations and mills, rainforest areas are protected. However, non-sustainable plantations result in the destruction of critical habitat for orangutans, elephants, tigers, sun bears, rhinos and many other animals. Orangutans, in particular, are predicted to become extinct in the wild within 15 years if the palm oil industry, deforestation and the burning of peat forests do not change.

Join the Virginia Zoo by taking action and making globally responsible consumer choices. Below are a list of resources for purchasing products made from sustainably-produced palm oil.

Halloween Candy Guide

Picnic BBQ Guide

Pocket Shopping Guide

Thanks to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for palm oil guides. Click here for more information.