Most visitors come to the Virginia Zoo with animals on their mind, but plants are the first thing they see!

The horticulture at the Zoo sets the stage for guests and residents of the Zoo. We create naturalistic habitats for exotic and native animals. We design, grow and plant themed gardens, and provide fresh plant treats for animals.

African Village Garden
African vegetables and flowers remind us of the exotic origins of many of our regional favorites.

Animal Wellness Campus Garden and Orchards
This array of fruit trees and plants is hard to miss as you walk through the Zoo. See what’s growing – from pears to eggplants, strawberries and kale, the Animal Wellness campus has it all.

Formal Garden
Boxwoods, viburnum and holly flourish in this beautiful corner of the Zoo that can also be the the perfect setting for your next intimate event.

Pollinator Garden
This new and growing garden is filled with a seasonal variety of pollinator-friendly flowers and plants from phlox to yarro, marigold and cone flowers.


Rain Garden
Storm water management never looked as good as it does at our Fountain Plaza.


Shade Garden
Shady characters like leopard plants make this garden their den.

ZooFarm garden with red barn

ZooFarm Garden
Heirloom flowers and vegetables stand, climb and sprawl proudly with their contemporary counterparts.