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Join us in celebrating orangutan Dara’s pregnancy with a day of learning, fun activities and presents for our primates! Did you know that orangutan offspring stay close to their mothers for up to 10 years and that infants are completely dependent on mom until they are at least two years old? Since orangutan infants get all they need from their mothers, we invite you to help shower all the Zoo’s orangutans with gifts that are animal-friendly.
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2018

Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Location: Orangutan exhibit in Asia – Trail of the Tiger

Enjoy a Keeper Chat at Noon and educational activity carts. Learn why this particular Zoo birth is so significant and interesting ways you can help save orangutans. Guests may bring new and unused items from the Orangutan Registry and drop them off the day of the event. And remember to sign the card for the parents-to-be with your well wishes for their new arrival!

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*Please keep all new and unused items in their original packaging for the safety of our animals.

Want to help wild orangutans when shopping for your own family? Buy paper products made from recycled paper or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council  (you’ll see an FSC label on the packaging) and only buy certified sustainable palm oil products (look for the RSPO label or use the app that helps identify certified sustainable products).

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