Classroom Program

Virtual Program

This program will bring learning to life, as your group meets 2 different animal ambassadors and sees various bio-facts related to the program theme. Each program lasts for 30 minutes and is aligned to Virginia’s Standards of Learning. These programs can be scheduled for any grade (or age) level and can be adjusted to fit your group’s needs.

Pricing: $60 per program; Additional animal ambassadors can be added to your program, for an additional $15 per animal

Program Length: 30 minutes

Program Themes:

  • Habitats From the rainforests of Africa to the deserts in Australia, explore the different habitats that animals call home.
  • Adaptations What is camouflage? Why do some animals sleep during the day? This program reveals the physical and behavioral adaptations animals use to survive.
  • Life Cycles  Investigate how animals are born, grow up and care for their young.
  • Food Chains  + Food Webs  Compare predator vs prey and connect the links within the food chain.
  • Animal Groups  Is it a mammal, reptile, bird or amphibian? During this program, students explore how scientists classify animals into different groups.
  • Animal Behavior  Animal behavior plays a very important role in how we care for animals, both at the Zoo and around the world. Participants will learn about animal behavior and conduct an ethogram observation for one of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors.
  • Senses  Discover how living things, including humans, sense the world around them.
  • Community (Citizen) Science  Did you know you can help scientists learn more about the wildlife and habitats in your area? Join us as we introduce you to the world of community science!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know! We may be able to cover a topic that isn’t listed above.