Creative Containers

Think outside the box with creative containers that mix edibles and color.  Here at the Zoo we are always looking to amaze and inspire with our container creations.   This container thrives in full sun and best of all has a delish pepper hidden right inside.

Remember that with all container gardens, watering is essential to your success.

Here’s how you can replicate this at your home:

Illusion Emerald Lace Sweet Potato Vine – this vine has attractive deeply cut leaves that will remain emerald green in color throughout the season.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia – heat and drought tolerant this filler plant is drought-tolerant. With airy white flowers, this is a low maintenance plant that adds dimension to container plantings.

Portulaca – this brilliantly vivid flowers love the sun.  Thriving in almost any condition, these semi-double blooms grow vigorously.

Sweet Pickles Pepper – these peppers not only look good, but taste great too.  With an upright habit, the fruit of this pepper plant ranges from yellow to red to orange and even purple.  Great in any container, this pepper is not hot or bitter but sweet in flavor.

Swiss Chard  – this leafy green boasts colorful stems and bright green leaves.  Nutritious and beautiful it is a great addition to any container garden planting.

Purple Petunia – these blooms are one of the most popular in the garden. With a wide trumpet shaped flower, they will offer color all season long in the garden.  The purple in this container adds a depth of color.

Dragon Wing Begonia – a vigorous grower, this plant will look great all through the heat of the summer. The large green leaves are a perfect backdrop for the small, red flowers.