The Virginia Zoo’s Augmented Reality Tour powered by ECPI and Life Preserve was created to give Zoo visitors insider information about our animals here at the Virginia Zoo and their counterparts in the wild.

The tour features 12 stops around the Zoo and offers visitors the opportunity to learn about our animal residents, conservation efforts for the species, watch behind-the-scenes videos and more!

Stuck at home? Visit the Virginia Zoo using Augmented reality. Go to on your mobile phone and watch the animals come alive or continue with the directions below.


Step 1: Download the free Zappar app from your mobile device’s app store.

Step 2: Open Zappar and point it at the image – make sure that the zapcode (lightning bolt logo) can be seen in the screen. *Note: This only works by using your mobile device as well as using a desktop, tablet or second mobile device.

Step 3: Enjoy! You can pause the audio, click on the text option to read what is being said, flip through pictures, or click on links to see videos or be taken to more webpages with more information.

Step 4: Be sure to complete the Exit survey found at the bottom of the page.



Stop 1: Malayan Tigers

Learn more about the Virginia Zoo’s three male Malayan tigers. Hear how the Virginia Zoo’s conservation fund supports tiger conservation.

Stop 2: Orangutans

Learn more about the Virginia Zoo’s four adult orangutans and how the Zoo works to educate the public on the effects palm oil plantations have on this species habitat.

Stop 3: Rhino Hornbill

Learn more about the Virginia Zoo’s Rhinoceros hornbills and how the Zoo has supported hornbill conservation.

Stop 4: Southern Cassowary

Learn more about the Virginia Zoo’s four Southern cassowaries. Also, learn about cassowary conservation efforts from the Rainforest Rescue in Australia.

Stop 5: Bongo

Learn about the Virginia Zoo’s breeding group of bongos and how the Zoo works to protect this species’ habitat by participating in the EcoCell project.

Stop 6: Southern White Rhino

Learn more about the Virginia Zoo’s three Southern white rhinos Bora, Zina and Sibindi and see how you can support rhino conservation through the Zoo’s conservation fund.

Stop 7: African Lion

Learn about the Virginia Zoo’s African Lion family and hear how the Virginia Zoo works with organizations like the Pride Lion Conservation Alliance.

Stop 8: Aldabra Tortoise

Learn more about the Virginia Zoo’s five Aldabra tortoises and hear how the Zoo educates the public about environmental issues that affect this species.

Stop 9: American Bison

Learn about the Virginia Zoo’s two American bison, Lily and Oakley and how this species became a conservation success story!

Stop 10: Reptile Nursery

Learn about the Virginia Zoo’s Reptile Nursery and see videos and pictures of our past and current Nursery residents.


Once you complete the virtual reality tour, please take a few minutes to complete this survey to tell us about your experience!