Experience the Virginia Zoo from dusk until dawn by joining us after-hours for this unique adventure! It’s the ultimate sleepover for families, friends and groups. Zoo Snoozes include educational and exciting nighttime activities, up-close encounters with our animal ambassadors, themed night hikes, a behind-the-scenes experience, evening and morning meals and so much more. Wake up to the sounds of lions roaring or siamangs calling!



All Zoo Snoozes are led by experienced and enthusiastic instructors in this exciting educational experience. The evening begins with a pizza dinner and guests receive their very own Virginia Zoo water bottle. Participate in fun and educational activities geared towards a theme of your choice, including animal encounters, hikes, games and more! After a fun-filled evening, you’ll have a delicious breakfast and continue with a morning hike before joining our Keeper Staff in an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience. Book your Zoo Snooze today and choose one of our themed programs.

Participants must be six years and older, with at least one adult for every seven children.

Snoozes are written in alignment with Virginia SOL and NGSS standards. The Virginia Zoo can accommodate groups of all types and sizes and are perfect for scout groups, school groups, community groups, sororities and fraternities, birthday parties and other enthusiastic group.


Eco-heroes  Despite what they say, it is easy being green. Discover how easy it is to make small changes and become ecological heroes to protect the environment.

Wild Virginia  Explore the world in your own backyard and learn what wild and fascinating creatures are right outside your door. We’ll discover how to identify these creatures and how to provide safe places for them to live.

Nature Detective  Everyday wildlife biologists discover new and fascinating things about the diverse animals of the world. Together we’ll explore the techniques wildlife biologists use in the field to make these findings with hands-on investigations and discoveries.

Sense-ations  Have you ever wondered how animals use their senses to discover the world around them? In this snooze, we will see, hear, smell and feel our way about the zoo for a night of sensory fun.

Predator Prowl  What makes the ultimate predator and how do prey successfully avoid becoming lunch? Come learn about predator/prey relationships and the effectiveness of various survival strategies.


Reservations are required. Space is limited and snoozes are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, e-mail vazoo.education@norfolk.gov or call 757.441.2374 (229).