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You’re Your Own (Zoo To Do Food) Critic

May 27, 2017

The Virginia Zoo caught up with the three food critics who will be present at this year’s Zoo To Do! Their job is to judge 20 different restaurants on the fare they are preparing for hundreds of guests, and announce … More »

Otterly Adorable Animals

May 25, 2017

Since today is World Otter Day, we thought we “otter” tell you all about our two adorable Asian small-clawed otters and their intriguing species. Hailing from Southeast Asia, southern China, Indonesia and the Philippines, Asian small-clawed otters are found in coastal … More »

Virginia Zoo Welcomes Masu the Red Panda

May 23, 2017

This Sunday, a female Red panda was introduced to her new exhibit at the Virginia Zoo. Masu, the juvenile Red panda comes from the Denver Zoo where she was born last June. She was moved to the Virginia Zoo under the … More »

Zoo To Do Food and Spirits

May 22, 2017

Zoo To Do is a little less than two weeks away and we can already hear our stomachs growling and mouths getting dry as we wait patiently for the day of the event on June 3! More than a dozen restaurants … More »

Silent Auction Preview

May 16, 2017

The Virginia Zoo’s Annual Zoo To Do is right around the corner! Staff and ticket holders are equally getting prepared for a night of feasting, dancing and pure fun. Besides having the opportunity to take in beautiful scenery, drink the night … More »

Endangered Species Day

May 12, 2017

May 20 is Endangered Species Day! AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums fund over 2650 conservation projects in over 130 countries and spend upwards of $160 million dollars annually on conservation initiatives and education to give animals the helping hand they desperately need. … More »

Volunteer Swap

May 10, 2017

In March, the Virginia Zoo had the great opportunity to partner with the Virginia Living Museum for a fun activity for our volunteers – a volunteer swap! Volunteers from the Virginia Living Museum (VLM) visited the Virginia Zoo in March.  … More »

Give Local 757!

May 8, 2017

DONATE NOW! On May 9, the Virginia Zoo, as well as dozens of other nonprofits in the Hampton Roads area, is participating in the fourth annual Give Local 757 Day of Giving. This year, our goal is to raise $5,000 toward upgrading the … More »

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