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Can You Dig It?

October 11, 2017

Today is National Fossil Day, an annual holiday that helps promote the scientific and educational values of fossils! What is a fossil? A fossil is the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold … More »

Chomping Grounds

October 6, 2017

Chompers, the Virginia Zoo’s only African-crested porcupine currently in training as an Animal Ambassador, is arguably one of the most adorable program animals. His peppy and energetic personality, mixed with a little curiosity is the perfect recipe for cute, but … More »

Pangolin Conservation Update

September 30, 2017

There are eight species of Pangolin – 4 species found in Africa and 4 species found in Asia. All eight species are threatened with extinction in the wild and these amazing animals are among the most illegally trafficked wildlife species … More »

A Fresh Start

September 26, 2017

While most of the Zoo’s reptile collection will have to wait until February to move into their exhibits, one slow-and-steady reptile has already been introduced to her new enclosure. Ethyl, a Leopard tortoise, is becoming acclimated to her new habitat … More »

That’s All Rhino

September 22, 2017

Even though unicorns are mythical creatures, there is a real animal that is just as majestic that humans can actually see. Known as “unicorns with curves” on the internet, these animals are also treasured for their unique horns. Rhinoceroses, or … More »

International Coastal Cleanup Day

September 12, 2017

Litter isn’t just a big deal in Hampton Roads, but across the world. Plastics and other trash aren’t easily decomposable, and end up in storm drains, parks, water sources and can ultimately end up in the stomachs of the world’s … More »

Meet the Patient: Palu

September 5, 2017

Name: Palu Sex: Male Species: Malayan sun bear Age: DOB 10/25/08 (8 yr 9 mo old) Weight: 155.1lb Reason for Visit: Routine Physical Examination   Each animal at the Virginia Zoo receives a routine physical examination at least every 2-3 years or … More »

Hands-on as a CYT

August 30, 2017

Every summer, the Virginia Zoo offers youth a chance to get involved at the Zoo, to become more hands on with conservation efforts and learn to be an environmental steward of the future. The Virginia Zoo’s Conservation Youth Team (CYT) … More »

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