School Trips

learning comes to life in nature’s most exciting classroom

We are wild about learning and the Zoo has programs to fit all your educational needs. More than just a field trip the Zoo offers a memorable way to explore science and nature.

Choose from any of these school trip options:

  • ZOO CLASSROOM PROGRAMS – provide a hands-on opportunity including live animals to learn about animals, nature and conservation all aligned with Virginia’s SOLs and incorporating NGSS.
  • (NEW!) CLOSE ENCOUNTERS AT THE ZOO – integrate applicable science themes into exciting and interactive live animal experiences.
  • EDUCATION GUIDED TOURS – give students the opportunity to learn more about the animals, the Zoo grounds and the exhibits.
  • SELF GUIDED TOURS – allow students and teachers the opportunity for a self-directed lesson around the Zoo.

If you are looking for other educational opportunities, we can bring the zoo to you. Call 757.441.2374 (229) or email for more information.

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