How You Can Help Conservation Efforts

Partner with the Virginia Zoo or your local AZA zoo or aquarium

Not only are they fun places to see amazing animals, but AZA zoos and aquariums also work very hard to save animals and their habitats around the world and right here in your own backyard. AZA zoos and aquariums have many volunteer and educational programs for kids just like you! Find out how you can get involved.

Help save the planet right in your own neighborhood
Organize a local clean up, maybe along your street or a nearby stream. Recycle whatever you can. Get your friends and family involved! Remember, everything you do counts!

Garden for wildlife
Plant native, flowering plants in your yard to attract butterflies. Plant sunflowers to create beautiful, natural bird feeders. Leave small brush piles for smaller critters to hide in.  Maintain a green garden and lawn without pesticides. Also consider buying locally grown produce.

Help out wildlife
If you see a wild animal in trouble, call your local animal control office or our Animal Services Department 757.441.2374 (266) for a listing of local wildlife rehabilitators.

Make a donation to the Virginia Zoo Conservation Fund

The Virginia Zoo Conservation and Research Fund, established in 2001, is funded by the Education Department of Virginia Zoo and designated contributions. This fund helps us to further conservation efforts, including in-house conservation projects undertaken by Virginia Zoo staff as well as local, national and international projects that meet the Zoo’s mission to serve “people, animals and the environment.” Virginia Zoo Conservation Projects have included:

  • Butterfly habitat restoration
  • Malayan Tapir information sharing
  • Lafayette River oyster habitat restoration
  • Elephant reproductive and behavioral studies
  • Species Survival Plans (SSP) for 12 animal species

For more information, call 757.441.2374 (222).

Use eco-friendly cleaning products
These items work better than ever and can easily be found at your neighborhood store.


Leap into the year 2014 with Virginia Zoo’s FrogWatchUSA volunteer team and learn about some of our special amphibian friends. Frogs and Toads play an important role in any ecosystem they inhabit playing the role of both predator and prey, these amphibian friends are ecological indicators of their habitats’ health. Hopping, happy frogs means a hopping, happy environment and now you can help too.

FrogWatch USA is the AZA’s flagship Citizen Science program that allows individuals and families to learn about wetlands in their communities and help conserve amphibians by reporting the calls of local frogs and toads. Species of frogs and toads can be easily identified by their call, and a fair estimation of their population can be formulated by the concentration of calls heard in a specific location. For over ten years, volunteers have been trained to acquire this data and enter their FrogWatch USA information and ongoing analyses of these data have been used to help develop practical strategies for the conservation of these important species.

Note: The FrogWatch season runs from February through August.

Feelin’ froggy? Then hop over to the Zoo and join in on the fun!

Visit these websites to learn even more about conservation: