Adding vertical interestStaghorn Fern

September 15, 2015 - Staghorn ferns get their name because their fronds look like the antlers of a Staghorn deer. These interesting antler like plants are considered epiphytes.  This word comes from the Greek ‘epi’ meaning upon and ‘phyton’ meaning plant.  The amazing foliage … More »

Updates on ExhibitAustralia Walkabout

September 15, 2015 - The Virginia Zoo is saddened to announce the passing of two of our Bennett’s Wallabies that were imported from New Zealand and live in the Australia Walkabout exhibit. Results came back from the lab last week, showing that one died … More »

at the ZooBack to School

September 9, 2015 - With the busy summer season past us it is back to school for the animals at the zoo.  Each day we provide animal training and enrichment to our ambassador animals. For the last summer camp of the season, our prehensile … More »

Bleeding Heart DoveNewly Hatched

September 4, 2015 - Luzon’s Bleeding Heart Doves are a ground dove.  With a distinct, reddish mark on the chest, these birds are easy to spot in our Asian Aviary’s.  The males tend to be larger and have a more pronounced red patch. With … More »

School ProgramsLearning Comes to Life!

September 1, 2015 - The Zoo is nature’s most exciting classroom! We are wild about learning and the Zoo has programs to fit all your educational needs. Zoo school programs provide a hands-on, brains-on opportunity for students in all grade levels to learn about animals … More »

Creating Local HabitatsBackyard Butterflies

August 26, 2015 - They look like beautiful flower gardens, but on closer examination there’s so much more going on. Butterflies flutter splashes of color and voracious caterpillars and peaceful pupa mingle in gardens with inviting habitats. Nectar flowers and puddles of water beckon … More »

ConservationHelping Hornbills

August 20, 2015 - The Zoo has participated in conservation efforts aimed at protecting Southern ground hornbills for a number of years. Native to areas south of the equator in Africa, this species of hornbill is the largest in the world. Hornbills build their … More »

Help Save BirdsCalling All Artists!

August 19, 2015 - The Virginia Zoo is looking for a few volunteer artists as part of a third-year program to help reduce the risk of birds flying into animal exhibit windows. “Conservation can be fun. This is a great way to engage local … More »