Australia walkabout

Take a stroll through the outback and meet some of the coolest animals from the Australian continent! Walk along the pathway through the exhibit and experience our animals from the land down under in an immersive and close up way. Watch the kangaroo basking in the sun, wallabies and their joeys spending quality time together, emus foraging for snacks among the trees and the cassowaries showing off their unique personalities!

*Note: The Walkabout is only open from 10 am to 5 pm on weekends.

Bennett’s Wallaby

Scientific Name: Macropus rufogriseus

Found In: Australia

Size: Male wallabies can weigh from 33- 59 lbs and females can weigh from 24-34 lbs.

Diet: Herbivore: Grass

Threat Level: Least Concern – There appears to be no major threats to this species. However, on Tasmania it is sometimes killed under license where it is a pest of crops or pasture, and are commercially harvested for their meat.

Facts: Females give birth to a single young; the population on Tasmania breeds seasonally, while the mainland population breeds throughout the year.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Scientific Name: Macropus giganteus

Found In: Australia

Size: Males kangaroos can weigh up to 187lbs and females up to 93lbs.

Diet: Herbivore

Threat Level: Least Concern – There are not believed to be any major threats to the eastern grey kangaroo with the species often times benefiting from human activities except in some areas where the kangaroo is shot or limited because of space.

Facts: They are nocturnal, gregarious; large mobs gather where food is abundant.

Virginia Zoo kangaroo: male Marley


Scientific Name: Dromaius novaehollandiae

Found In: Australia

Size: The Emu can grow up to about 5 to 6 feet tall, 7 feet long, and weigh up to 120 lbs.

Diet: Herbivores: Seeds, fruits, flowers, young shoots, some insects

Threat Level: Least Concern: The current population trend is stable

Facts: They swim well and can run at 30 mph for some distance.

Virginia Zoo Emu: male Shilling and female Emus

Southern cassowary

Scientific Name: Casuarius casuarius

Found In: Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

Size: Cassowaries are very large birds growing up to 71 inches in length.

Diet: Herbivore: Eats mostly fallen fruit, although it is fairly undiscriminating.

Threat Level: Vulnerable – Cyclones are considered a threat to the species in Australia and hunting is a threat in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Facts: Cassowaries are flightless birds.

Virginia Zoo Cassowaries: male Boris and female Clarice

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