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Please call 757-441-2374, ext. 223, or email for more information on any of the news releases.

11/07/14 Unique Bird Tape Art Returns to Zoo
11/04/14 Eat, Prey, Love: Animals Let Themselves Go!
10/30/14 Seahorse Exhibit to Celebrate a Living Lafayette
10/10/14 Family Fun at ZooBoo 2014
10/09/14 Red Panda-Namium Results
10/01/14 Zoo and Aquarium Member Swap in October
09/23/14 Senior Wednesdays Extended
09/11/14 Red Panda Cub Cam Live at the Virginia Zoo
08/30/14 Elephants Win Chew at the Zoo
08/25/14 Zoo Seeks Volunteer Bird Tape Artists
08/22/14 Virginia Zoo Partners with Park Place School
08/15/14 Zoo Grooves – The Rhondels
08/06/14 Eastern Equine Encephalitis Kills Rare Birds
07/23/14 Virginia Zoo Partners with The Farm Table
07/10/14 More Red Panda Cubs!
06/26/14 Kenyan Artisans Flip-Flop Carving Demo
06/23/14 Cassobabies!
06/18/14 Zoo Grooves Returns!
06/12/14 Celebrate Father’s Day with the Zoo
06/05/14 Kidding Around at the Zoo
05/20/14 Zoo Snooze for You
05/09/14 Golf Tournament to Benefit Virginia Zoo
05/07/14 Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Zoo
05/01/14 Special Delivery!
04/25/14 Safari to Kenya with the Zoo
04/24/14 What? — Watusi!
04/22/14 Arts Are Wild – 2014
04/09/14 Party for the Planet – 2014
04/03/14 New at the Zoo: Wallabies
03/13/14 Love is in the Air at the Virginia Zoo
03/06/14 Sentara Donates Hospital Bed to Zoo Wellness Campus
02/24/14 Zoo Joins Fight to Stop African Elephant Killing
02/20/14 First Residents at the Animal Wellness Campus
02/11/14 Animals with “Sole” are Back
02/06/14 Kiss & Tail
02/05/14 Family Fun Night
01/16/14 Zoo Needs Docent Volunteers
12/19/13 New Binturong Habitat
11/21/13 Holiday Marketplace
11/21/13 Another Baby Bongo
11/20/13 Luscious Lashes
11/18/13 Bird Tape Art
11/12/13 Bouncing Baby Bongo
11/07/13 Beat Feet to the Zoo
10/16/13 Red Panda Cubs Exploring Habitat
10/04/13 Zoo Boo
10/03/13 Free Weekday Admission for Federal Employees
09/30/13 Senior Wednesdays Extended
09/26/13 Zoo Boo Needs You
09/18/13 Zoo Seeks Volunteer Artists to Help Save Birds
09/12/13 Zoovies 2
09/06/13 ROARchestra Rescheduled
08/29/13 Zoovies!
08/08/13 Get Into the Zoo Grove!
08/02/13 Red Panda Cubs
08/01/13 Senior Wednesdays at the Zoo
07/25/13 Animal Sculptures with “Sole”
07/24/13 And the Winner is … Kellen
07/18/13 Evening Tours
07/16/13 The Zoo’s “Other” Animals
07/01/13 Name the Giraffe
06/24/13 Cassowary Courtship Creates Chick
06/07/13 Ooh Baby, Baby – Giraffe
05/24/13 New at the Zoo – Tamanduas
04/12/13 You Snooze at the Zoo
04/05/13 Zoo Throws Party for the Planet
03/28/13 The Arts Are Wild — Literally — at the Zoo
03/15/13 Madonna Delivers Baby at the Virginia Zoo
03/06/13 Blood ‘n’ Bear It!
02/25/13 And the Winner is … Lola!
02/21/13 Tarzan Swings through the Virginia Zoo
02/14/13 Zoo Valentines: Cassowary Couple Courtship Continues
02/13/13 Zoo Joins Area Attractions in Norfolk Camp Sampler
02/05/13 Name the Baby Siamang Final Vote
01/24/13 Kiss & Tail: Valentine’s Day at the Zoo
01/18/13 New Male Bongo at the Virginia Zoo
01/16/13 Zoo Celebrates Groundhog Day
01/04/13 Zoo Baby New Year
12/28/12 Feeding the Beasts
12/20/12 Name that Siamang!
12/18/12 Zoo Accepts $150,000 Fundraising Challenge
11/30/12 Zoo Dedicates New Statue to Environmental Stewardship
11/21/12 New Tigers Moving to the Virginia Zoo
11/20/12 Holiday Marketplace at the Virginia Zoo
11/13/12 Curator Accepts Position at San Antonio Zoo
11/01/12 Postponed Zoo Boo
10/31/12 Zoo Wins Sky Art Competition
10/12/12 Zoo Boo
09/28/12 Zoo Extends Free Senior Wednesdays
09/25/12 Zoovies
09/21/12 Giant Elephant Creeper Expected to Bloom
09/18/12 Teddy Bear Clinic
08/29/12 Baby Siamang Born
08/16/12 Zoo Groves III: Town Mountain
08/03/12 Senior Wednesdays
07/20/12 Home Improvement – Elephant Style
07/11/12 Get Schooled at Zoo Grooves Two
07/06/12 Rock Hyraxes Born at Virginia Zoo
06/21/12 Get Into the Zoo Groove
06/11/12 New World for Virginia Zoo Orangutans
06/01/12 World Oceans Day ZooTales Event
05/03/12 Give Plant Conservation a Lift
04/26/12 Dimunutive Duikers Deliver Descendent
04/05/12 Party with the Animals at the Zoo
03/20/12 Blood and Binturongs
02/22/12 Prolific Primates Produce New Progeny
02/10/12 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts at the Zoo
01/18/12 Zoo Reaches Attendance Milestone
01/10/12 Young Lion Moving to New Home
12/22/11 Early Baby New Year
12/08/11 Zootique Destroyed by Storm
11/29/11 Unique Zootique Now Open
11/03/11 Zoo Announces Animal Wellness Campus Campaign
10/28/11 Zoo Boo Moved to Sunday
10/20/11 Zoo Boo Is Coming
10/18/11 Tortoise vs. Hare 2011
10/13/11 African Crowned Crane Chicks
10/06/11 Zoo’s First Venomous Lizard
09/27/11 Zoo Plant Guru Retires
09/22/11 Zoo Wants You for Zoo Boo Crew
09/08/11 In Honor of Grandparents Day
09/01/11 Costume Parade Kicks Off Disney On Ice Month
08/18/11 Virginia Zoo Announces Baby Giraffe Passing
08/15/11 Zoo Grooves Three
08/12/11 Free Tide Opening Weekend Train Rides
07/29/11 Nearly Six Feet Tall at Birth
07/29/11 Virginia Zoo Blood Drive
07/27/11 Senior Wednesdays
07/26/11 Cruious George’s Cousins
07/21/11 Zoo Grooves Two
07/14/11 Tiny Elephants?
07/11/11 Zoo Hatches Smallest New Residents
07/07/11 Zoo Screams for Ice Cream
06/30/11 Eye in the Sky
06/16/11 Free Father’s Day Train Rides
06/14/11 Zoos and Aquariums Support Regional Economy
06/03/11 Zroovy, Baby!
06/01/11 New at the Virginia Zoo: Prairie Dog Pups
05/26/11 World Oceans Day
05/04/11 Golf Tournament Benefits Virginia Zoo
04/27/11 Zoo Mourns African Elephant
04/18/11 Party with the Animals at the Virginia Zoo
04/08/11 Virginia Zoo Monitoring African Elephant
03/25/11 Tiger Ready to Greet Visitors to New Exhibit
03/22/11 Virginia Zoo Announces Death of Red Panda
03/18/11 Virginia Zoo Announces 2011 Board of Directors
03/15/11 Asia – Trail of the Tiger Opens Spring 2011 at the Virginia Zoo
03/03/11 Virginia Zoo to Hold Inaugural 5k for Orangutans
02/24/11 Members Sneak a Peek Through the Eye of the Tiger
02/10/11 Tiny Hands, Tiny Feet, New Friends for You to Meet
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